XY Plot in PI Vision

Discussion created by Sumanth.Artham on Apr 2, 2020

Hi All,


We have a scenario, that we need to compare 2 attributes where one will be batch id and the other will be tag called Process1 Time.


Data Type of Batch Id is String (e.g.A,B,C,D)

Data Type of Process1 Time is String(e.g. HH:MM:SS -12:15:10)


When we use XY-Plot to compare these values the graph doesn't look proper.


Do we have any method or graph where we can compare the time taken in Process1 in each batch, we aware that using Batch/Even Frame comparison we can achieve this, but we want to is there any alternate method.


We are using PI Vision 2017 R2 SP1 


Thanks & Regards,

Sumanth Artham