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Help required to calculate average and max temperature on archive data

Question asked by MarcusHultgren on Apr 6, 2020
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I am currently administrating an "offline" PI-server - which has archive data from our DeltaV system but is not connected to the live system.

I was planning to use the archive data to make some calculations on the archive data. For instance i would like the calculate the average and max temperature during the production of a batch (so that it only averages the temperature during the specific time periods where a batch is produced, and not averages all the temperatures recorded). The goal is to get the averages/maxes for all produced batches in the archive data.


To create the specific time period i could perhaps use another parameter, such as pH to indicate that a batch is being processed during the time-period.

Reading up i figured analysis templates seemed like the prudent choice but I am not able to create an analysis that achieves my goal - i think i require help on the coding side.

Can i create such calculations for archived data, and if yes - how would i do it?


More concretely - how can i separate out the time where one batch is produced, and only look at the temperature during that period to calculate an average/max value. Can this then be used to calculate the averages for all produced batches with the same specific time condition?