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PI AF Builder export displays Unique ID's of each element

Question asked by Praveen_Pammi on Apr 4, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2020 by Praveen_Pammi

I am trying to change few analysis via PI AFBuilder excel add-In. I am able to export the changes successfully, and the changes were reflected in AF analysis as expected.


The problem is now when I export these modified analysis back into excel using PI AF Builder. There were unique ID's/GUID's being displayed long with element name.


Ex :

TimeRuleConfig was exported as "\{2544ec9b-63da-11e7-b1e2-005056b21146};Element1\{11f21135-63db-11e7-b1e2-005056b21146};Element2\{7915d3d2-63db-11e7-b1e2-005056b21146};Element3\{cb5263ad-63db-11e7-b1e2-005056b21146};Element4|{5fce9d1a-6a96-42e8-a952-84ead24cf140};Trigger"


where the the correct export should be looking like "\Element1\Element2\Element3\Element4|Trigger"


Was this is an expected behavior or am i missing something while i do the export ?


I have also observed that only modified analysis were being exported in this way, UN-modified analysis were being exported correctly without any GU ID's in the excel-sheet.


Please let me know your thoughts


========Version Info======

PI Builder 2017 R2
PI Builder Version:


PI AF Server 2018 SP2

Version :





Praveen P