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    Sporadic behavior when calling AFElement.Add in a loop


      Hi, I noticed some sporadic behavior when adding AFElement.ADD in a big loop.


      If I add 20 or less elements in a loop, Then calling .CheckIn method.. the AF SDK returns quickly.


      If I add 40 or more elements in a tight loop, then calling the checkIn method, the AF SDK sometimes goes into a limbo stage..



      code snippet: 
                          for (int iIndex = 0; iIndex < iBreakerCount; iIndex++)
                              AFElementTemplate oT = oAfdb.ElementTemplates[ConfigHelper.Instance.GetBreakerTemplateName()];
                              oBreakersFound.Elements.Add(aName[iIndex], oT);



      Anyone has this experience adding a lot of elements in tight loop to comment on this?


      Many Thanks