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Is it/will it be possible to define a custom data reference to always be executed server-side?

Question asked by ezanstra on Apr 9, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2020 by David Hearn

Hello all,


I'm creating an AF custom data reference implementation to enable access of test analysis results in PI AF. The test analysis infrastructure is a software configuration, consisting of a multitude of microservices, running on the server with restricted access. Therefore, this custom data reference always needs to be executed server-side. However, when creating a test implementation of the AF custom data reference, I noticed the custom data reference library was being downloaded and executed client-side. This means that when configuring AF with AF explorer, this won't work as from the client side there's no access to the analysis infrastructure. As far as I know now, there's no option (yet) to define this custom data reference to be always executed on the server. I also understood that PI CC doesn't work with custom data references. How about PI Vision and the web API, can these beget the data of the custom data reference?
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Eyso Zanstra