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Unexpected Issues with PI Event Frames!

Question asked by Kiran324 on Apr 8, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by sraposo

Hi All,


I am using PI AF 2018 R2 to design notifications for the below event frames -


Each parameter (PI tag) has a minimum and maximum defined in a SQL Database. Using AF OLEBD the min and max are pulled from to a table In AF and the event frame is  -


Tag value>max or tag value<min


If either of above is true a notification will be triggered and escalation period has been kept as 8hrs and there are three levels of escalation.

Everything is designed in a single template and the template has been applied to around 2k elements


Below are the issues I am facing -


1. For a few tags (till now faced this issue has been observed for only 2 tags out of 2k tags), the event frame doesn't not stop even though the tag value is within the limit.

Even on evaluating the event frame, it shows false but still it sends the escalated mails.

The event was true for initial "true for" period but was false after 1st email and hence the escalation mail should not have been triggered, but it did.


2. For one tag, the limits (maximum and minimum) was changed a while back. The event frame "true for" period is  1 day. The cache interval of the AF-SQL linked table was 30 days.

After the limit was changed in the SQL side (say min was changed to 30 from 40), the tag value was 38 and hence within the new limits. Still event was triggered.


For the 2nd issue, I have changed the cache interval to 1 day as I think that was the reason but I am not sure. But for 1st issue I could not identify the cause. Any advice on the above is welcomed.



Kiran Rao