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Hello all, we need use the configuration frame cfg-3 with the PI C37.118 interface, have someone used it with this configuration frame?

Question asked by MarioAlvarez on Apr 8, 2020

The CFG-3 frame includes the basic information that is in CFG-2, but adds a number of fields further defining PMU characteristics and quantities being sent. It adds an index for frame continuation in case the configuration gets too large to be sent as a single frame (frames are limited by the frame size field to 65535 bytes). The name fields have an index byte that specifies the field size. This allows name lengths up to 255 bytes and enables compressing the field size to the actual name length. The phasor and analog scaling has been expanded to include a multiplier and offset. Additional information has been added including PMU location, data measurement class, and algorithm factors. CFG-3 reports the contents of the data currently being sent (same as CFG-2). CFG-3 has 29 fields, with 9–27 repeated as necessary. The structure is the same as the other configuration messages, except there are more fields and the name fields are not fixed length (decoding requires reading the name field indexes). No delimiters are used.