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AF Analysis Service - AF Cache - Future Data

Discussion created by Rhys Kirk Champion on Apr 8, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by skwan

Is Future data treated any differently than historical data in the context of the AF Analysis Service and caching of data.

I'm aware of all the service configuration and some of the global parameters for caching. Also the "dynamic" caching determined by the service.

I am specifically wanting to know about future PI Point's data being cached and used by the service.

What happens when future data is deleted and then new values inserted when it is being used by a periodic analysis (< 10 second down to a 1 second interval)? I have seen occasions where the newly updated future data is NOT being seen by the analysis, it is still acting on the "old future" data.

My scenario is that I have separate code running which is constantly updating the future data based on "market conditions", which means I can be in a scenario where I need to remove some future data from "* to *+1d" and update future data only a few seconds into the future. It seems the analysis may not see the new future data, which then becomes historic, and the analysis continues to operate on the old value(s). Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't...it has failed more than once for it to now be a problem. No real pattern to it just perhaps how busy the system processes its event queues for the deletes.


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