TimeGt function giving error

Discussion created by caffreys_col on Apr 8, 2020

I have a performance equation which calculates our plants on stream rate (OSR) for a calendar year. It has worked for years, but as of 22-Feb this year it has stopped working. I've looked at the raw data and it seems fine. I can run the same function with hard coded time stamps for the same period and I get the same error (Calc Failed). 

Here's the calc:

TimeGT('WKI-3302',parsetime(concat("1-jan-", left(string(year('*')), 4))),'*',11.6) / 3600


The data shows calc failed from the 22-Feb of this year, but I can search for time periods that include that and I get a good result (1st feb to the 1 march). 


Is there a limit to the number of points the TimeGt can retrieve and work with? We scan data every second (compression and exception values permitting) but I wouldn't have thought there was an real issue with doing that. I have arcmaxcollect set to 5million so would that be causing the issue. 


Looking at the raw data I can see that despite the compression and exception settings I am getting data every second, and in some cases 2 values every second. What could be causing this?? I've just noticed that Max time for compression and exception has been set to 0 for all periods - Wouldn't this just store data regardless of the compression and exception settings??