Configuring Offsets for Scan classes

Discussion created by GARLAPATI.PRASHANTH on Apr 9, 2020
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Hi All,


We have a requirement of load distribution for Scan Classes to accommodate only 600 tags in each scan class and redistribute the extra tags in another scan classes (for PI OPC DA Interface). As a part of this process, we are going to create new Scan Classes with offsets such that the scan frequency doesn’t change. so our question is for a scan class of frequency 10 seconds (00:00:10), how many offsets can we create?


should the new offsets be in the limit of 10 seconds like 00:00:10,00:00:03 and 00:00:10,00:00:06 and 00:00:10,00:00:09 and so on... such that the offset seconds will not cross the 10 second mark.


Or can we create offsets such that they can be of any seconds in a minute like 00:00:10,00:00:10 and 00:00:10,00:00:15 and 00:00:10,00:00:20 and 00:00:10,00:00:25 and so on....such that the scan occurs at 10,15,20,25.. seconds in each minute.


kindly let us know which approach can be followed among these two as there are almost 8000 tags to be distributed in this 10 seconds frequency.


Thanks and Regards,

Prashanth Garlapati.