PItoPI History Recovery

Discussion created by GARLAPATI.PRASHANTH on Apr 9, 2020
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Hi All,


This is regarding the History Recovery process that happens in PI To PI Interface. We wanted to know the exact operation of how does it happens.

as shown in the below screenshot, we have configured the history recovery time as 4 hours. does it mean, if there is a connection loss between the source and destination and reconnects, then the history recovery will be performed only for the last 4 hours after being reconnected? if that is so, if we had a disconnected for 10 hours, then the history recovery happens only for the last 4 hours? discarding the other 6 hours data?


Please let us know its operation taking this scenario as an example. also kindly inform us how to get the missed 6 hours data in case such disconnection happens.


Thanks and Regards,

Prashanth Garlapati.