PIPointList order

Discussion created by Koerkel on Apr 14, 2020
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I'm curious how PIPointList works.   I have a PI system with four archive servers.  Generally, when I am asked to retrieve data, it's from tens of thousands of my elements, thus the data is spread across all four different archives.  I create a PIPointList with my points in no particular order.  I have noticed that the points end up ordered by archive server.  I was wondering if there is another sub-ordering of the points from each archive?  Lets say I have 6 elements where I want the point Color.

Element A Color PI point is on Archive 1

Element B Color PI point is on Archive 2

Element C Color PI point is on Archive 3

Element D Color PI point is on Archive 4 

Element E Color PI point is on Archive 1

Element F Color PI point is on Archive 2


No matter which order I create the PIPointList, the points on archive 1 will be first in my list followed by archive 2 and so on.  But is there also an ordering of the points on each archive?  So will A.Color be first and E.Color second, regardless of the order in the PIPointList creation?