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PIAnalysisProcessor Logs - Looking for skipped Analysis

Question asked by Praveen_Pammi on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by Roger Palmen

We have placed PI Analysis processor logs in debug mode to find the analysis which were skipping at 13 Apr 5:28:22 AM  


But unable to understand the logs.  I am searching for the skips based on Skipped : {0} field from the below logs,  But none of the analysis showing the count in this field but we have skips for this timestamp. 


2020-04-13 05:28:22.0385|DEBUG|ANTimeClass:Scheduling|Thread 'PISystem Only Evaluation Worker Thread Pool thread #18' (32)>TimeClass[Template=\\SERVER AF\Database\ElementTemplates[Threat-Template]|Status - Current Min [Schedule:Natural Rank:0] Id:d2c119be-ceef-4c7b-bad4-600cb4159a95] Finished evaluating request 'Trigger:11-Apr-20 15:14:08 Retrieval:13-Apr-20 05:25:17.866 Creation:13-Apr-20 05:28:21.991' (CompletionTime:13-Apr-20 05:28:22.038 Evaluation:0 Skipped:0 Error:0 OutofOrder:16 Duplicate:0).



Also would like to understand about the Trigger  and Retrieval timestamps from above . I have attached the complete logs for this event.   Any help on understanding  how to check the skipped analysis ,  How to translate Unique ID to  respective analysis\element is much appreciated. 



Praveen P