Deleting values from Pi while in collective

Discussion created by smladen on Oct 26, 2012
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We made application that once a day process some data, deletes results of old processing and stores new results in a Pi.


We deployed app in a production environment including Pi Collective for HA. Now, when we are deleting old results, Pi is throwing error:


"Write failed.  Unbuffered write would desynchronize archive data."


Consulted tech support and found out that in a collective you can't use IPIData2.RemoveValues so there is no option for deleting the data.


Just as a note:


- we are using Pi v3.4.385.77, PISDK v1.4.0.416


- Pi Buffering Subsystem is used


- Connection to a collective is opened using PISDK.Server piServer = new PISDK.PISDK().Servers[serverName] where serverName is name of the PICollective


- Tuning parameter Replication_EnableSDKWriteValues on secondary member is 1


Question is, is there some other approach (turning of buffering, using PiAF SDK, using Pi API....) that will preserve HA and allow deletition of data?