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Level transmitter data tracking

Question asked by GDKennedy on Apr 15, 2020
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I have a level transmitter that reports the value in gallons per hour.  I am working on a 1-hour, 12-hour and 24 hour average for this tag so we can determine usage for this material over those periods.  My problem is how do I set up the calculation so that when the tank is filled during those periods I can adjust my numbers for the amount added.  Right now if I use a simple equation like this:

TagAvg('LI-3050.PV','*','*-1h') or this Tagval('LI-3050.PV','*-24h')-TagVal('LI-3050.PV','*')

and the tank is filled during that hour then the average usage is incorrectly reported.  I need to look at when the tank started to increase, track how much it increased and factor that into my average for that hour. 

I am doing all of this in PI AF to keep the equations simpler and to allow backfilling of the data.  I am assuming it will take an IF-THEN-ELSE statement but I am uncertain of how to set it up.


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