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RtReports 4 - Does the migration from Batch DB to EF require new Templates?

Question asked by monica.rattaggi on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2020 by monica.rattaggi

We are planning the migration from RtReports 3.3 to RtReports 4.1.


The first step will be to run RtReports 4.1 against the batches in the PIBatchDB, keeping interfaces writing on BatchDB.
I'm quite confident that no changes are required on templates: the batch is searched in the BatchDB and the report is generated using the existing template.


The second step will be the migration of BatchDB data to EF and update the interfaces to write Event Frames.
The EFGen interface provides a Converter to migrate existing PI BaGen configurations to PI EFGen; the batch interfaces v 4.x should switch automatically from writing Batches to writing Event Frames.

From RtReports 4.1 documentation I understand that the MDB-AF synchronization will guarantee the retrieval of Batches/EF, according to the cutover date and no changes on templates are required.


Is that correct? or, maybe, a new version of the template is required to access the EF?



Thank you.
Kind Regards, Monica