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How to create an event frame showing a "Recipe" with ingredient event frames (child?)?

Question asked by DonKiser on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by DonKiser

Still trying to understand all the pieces and names for everything so feel free to ask for clarification. I have PI System Explorer 2017 R2.


I have created a basic layout for our Recipe systems.

System 1

   Tank 1 -Where the stuff will be made - has an event frame for tracking start of a Recipe and End

            ~Attributes: Recipe Name, level, temperature (Tank1.Temperature), etc

      Ingredient 1 - has event frame for start, end, tags in Historian belong to Tank 1 (Tank1_Ingredient1.Active)

             ~Attributes: Elapsed (delivered amount), Preset


      Ingredient 15 (Tank1_Ingredient15)


In my Tank element template I added the Referenced Child Template of 'Ingredient'. It seemed right but I have no idea what it does/means.


What I want to do is perform an Event Frame search on Tank 1 and find all the recipes made in Tank 1 for the last x days. Then I would think I'd see a little plus sign next to the event and if I clicked on that it would show an event frame for each ingredient that was active during that time frame.


I can't seem to find the right set of search terms to do this as searching for child event frames just gives me examples of temperature deviation alarms which this doesn't fit into. Unless I'm expected to add each ingredient start as a start trigger to the Tank 1 event frame, giving me 16 start triggers. Assuming then Tank start is 1 severity and the ingredients are another?