EventCount Issue

Discussion created by TimCarmichael Champion on Apr 20, 2020
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It must be Monday.

In PSE 2018 SP2, I have an analysis I'm doing preview results on to get the EventCount of an attribute for a time period.

As per the help in PSE, the function is to 'find the number of good events for an attribute during a specified time range' and 'Bad values are excluded from EventCount calculation'.

Well, 'I/O Timeout' is being consistently included.


An example result set from the archive is:
16-Apr-20 07:55:01 546
16-Apr-20 07:58:00 524
16-Apr-20 08:37:03 I/O Timeout


And the EventCount returns 3; there are two others tag with similar results.


I can address the issue be creating a 'filtered' tag and populating it via an analysis whereby I filter out 'bad' data, but if this is happening to me, it may be happening to others.