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Performance Equations stopped working

Question asked by helbigm on Apr 22, 2020

Hi all,


we are facing an issue using performance equations (PE) plugin in SMT. 

We used different SMT on different server and can't use PE connecting to one spezific server. PE did work fine (but we don't know exactly until when).

Command line plugin to test equations (pipetest -?) works fine on this server. Using wildcard '*' to search for tags, SMT is doing just nothing. Klick on "New" nothing happens. Using Tab "equation" and typing an equation manually and klick "Evaluate" is working fine. Did anyone of you experince similar behaviour?

We assume that the number of 5031 tags type C could be a issue, but we have no clue.


Version: PI 3.4.390.28
BuildName: 390_Hotfix_20150711.1


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