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AF Analysis to Determine Pi Tag Substitutions

Question asked by J_Hing on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by John Messinger



Method: I have a comment (string) tag that is output "Enter Comment" from an AF analysis everyday. The end user will be able to edit each of these daily values, through event frames, in order to make a comment on that day's performance if they would like to do so (this is simple enough to do in an anaylsis). 


Complication: I am trying to cater for potential backfilling (in case of analysis failure, or server downtime, etc.) and when this backfill happens, I needs to maintain the existing inputs from the end user (substituted values), but I am having issues writing the analysis for this. 


Please assist... I attempted something similar to the below;

If 'Tag' <> "Enter Comment"

Then NoOutput()

Else "Enter Comment"


This did not work, as I read up on another thread that string comparisons such as this do not work...