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Restricting Access when using POST request in PI WebAPI

Question asked by Sijing on Apr 24, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2020 by jyi

Hi There, 


I am attempting to code a simple custom symbol - using the GET and POST request as per shared in the PI World session pdf - to put a value to a PI Tag.


Specifically it is to update the "Last Maintenance Date" for an asset.


The concern is that the symbol can now update the values for any PI Tags. Including that coming from the DCS, the PI Tags that are reading from the sensors. Which are the raw data that we do not want to touch. 


Are there any suggestions on how I can protect those specific points from being updated? 

[This will be the preferred option as the symbol can then be used for other purposes as well]

Else to limit the function to do just the job it is intended for - which the updating of the "Last Maintenance Date" Attribute - which is configured as a "Datetime" attribute. 


If it helps we are currently using PI Vision 2019.


Thank you for helping.