Drop Down List Select of a "Unit" or "Module" in a Time Report

Discussion created by zgallisa on Apr 23, 2020
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I am working on a #TimeReport in RtReports for the display of environmental data from rooms.  Currently I have two rooms created on the #MDB as two modules with their respective aliases for Temp, Diff Pressure and Humidity.


I know that on the Data Template Root Properties on a Time Template, I can create a Data Type List, that can provide a drop down list for the user at the moment of generation.  The idea and the question is that if I can use that to give the user the option of selecting which room they want so the report can show only the data for that room.


I have created the list Called RoomNumber with values 102 and 103 (which are the rooms) but right now I am lost because I don't know how to tell the program to just bring me the data journal information from the selected room.  I am not sure if this even works.  


I am looking how to make a journal that can see which room was selected and depending on this selection, the data published will be the one of the room selected only and not all the information from all the modules.


My worries are because I will have more that a hundred of rooms and I want to create just one template that can adjust to any room...and there will be too much data being handled by the system.


I'll appreciate any help...hope it was understandable