Develop total alarm view

Discussion created by Sugunan on Apr 25, 2020

I need to develop an alarm event monitoring page using the PI display for  500 substations (located in 10 states). UI needs the following capability:

1) filter alarm view according to state

2) then view alarm according to the substation, feeder etc

3) able to export alarm event to excel

4) able to filter according to urgent/non-urgent alarms

5) Able to acknowledge the selected alarm.

6) Able to block alarm display for equipment under maintenance

7) With the facility to auto-update the page.

8) With the facility to sort and filter any column...


Can I do all these using PI Vision?


I notice there is 3rd party software to do this...Are you saying that I cannot do this with PI Vision and must get another application like yours (dimension software) to do this?

If can, please provide more information and samples.


Thank you