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    PI With Stock Market Value


      Hi all,


      I am looking for a way to update my company stock market value in PI so that user can view .


      Normally user need to view it at yahoo Financial website but since my company very strict to internet now and not all user having allow to have internet access . Therefor , i would like to put up the stock market value into PI for those that need to view it .


      Is there any manual to do that ?






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          I know there are webservices to get stock prices, for example:




          And, you can pass say, MSFT as the symbol.


          If so, you can use that and then use PI Web Services to write to PI.


          Or, if you can somehow get the stock price to a text file, you can use PI's UFL interface also.

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              Hello June,


              Using PI HTML Interface is another option.



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                  Thanks for the suggestion Gopal and Gregor.


                  I couldn't file PI UFL in the download page .


                  Any manual on how to use PI HTML interface ?


                  Thank you.

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                      Hello June,


                      A good resource is the PI Interfaces Search Page


                      For manuals, please see the details page of


                      PI Interface for Universal File and Stream Loading (UFL)




                      PI Interface for HTML







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                        Yahoo allows you to download their data in csv. You could download it once in a while and then use the UFL interface.


                        If you don't see the UFL interface in the download page then you might not be licensed for it. You may then want to check with your account manager.


                        You mentioned that internet access is an issue for most users. Would it be an issue for that one hypothetical interface that would grab it from it or would you dump data onto it once in a while? If it is an issue, that might restrict the approaches available to you.


                        By the way, yet another solution is via the webservices like Gopal mentioned and, provided you like XSLTs and have internet access, is using the XML interface with the http plugin. the manual for this interface is linked within intsearch.osisoft.com/interfaceDetails.aspx.


                        By the way, the HTML interface relies on DOM + regular expressions for data extraction whereas the XML relies on valid xml and schema transformations (to the opc xml schema). In both cases, you would require internet access from that machine where the interface resides.


                        So, HTML or XML interfaces would in principle be "online" solutions. UFL and custom programming (i.e., relying on any of the data access options in the vCampus library) would be offline solutions. Possibly another one is via piconfig a la backfill data as shown in the techsupport system manager resources section.

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                            Asle Frantzen

                            Just wanted to mention that I've used http://www.xignite.com/ for currencies, oil prices, etc. together with the XML interface a few times. Very easy to use, and you pay by the number of requests, so if you need one update per hour you would need to pay for 7-800 requests a month. They have an online designer where you can pick the data you need and create your custom webservice, and creating an account is free - which means you can set up the PI XML interface with live data (you get some free credits) and demo it for the client/end-user before they decide whether to get a subscription or not.