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Backfill of an obsolete element version analysis

Question asked by robimari on Apr 27, 2020

Hi everyone.

I'm facing this problem: I have an element with several attributes pointing to PI tags. On the plant an instrument changed and we had to create a new verison of the element with an attribute pointing to a different tag.


Version 1

Attribute "Flowrate" > Pi reference to PI tag 1


Version 2

Attribute "Flowrate" > Pi reference to PI tag 2


Everything worked fine and if I trend my attribute a see a fantastic line without empty spaces , errors or lags from the element creation date until now.


The problem is related to an analysis which is triggered from this attribute. If I evaluate values it's ok in the old and new version (triggers work correctly with the old and new PI tag) but if I backfill the analysis it works only for the new version time range leaving blank outputs for the old version timerange. I tried to backfill directly from the obsoleted first version too but the result is the same: no data from the new verion creation date back.


Any clues?