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OLEDB Enterprise retrieving calculated AF values: who takes the performance hit?

Discussion created by Robin Verhoek on Nov 1, 2012
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Dear All,


After checking some documentation, somehow i cannot get my head around the details of OLEDB in combination with AF and calculated values. An example case is where i have several PI tags in an AF Element that combine into statistics per day. Thus for each element, i already request let's say 1000 point values. Now i start performing rollup-calculcations for 100 elements to 10 elements, to 1 top element: 1000000 point values, and 1001 calculated values.


Now i create a sharepoint page to display the single top element value, using a query against the AF element using a SQL Linked Server connection using OLEDB.


What layer does receive the 1000.000 point values and perform the calculations? I expect SQLserver, as that runs the OLEDB Provider, which uses the AF SDK, which loads the calculation / rollup and PI data references. Or am i missing out on some details here?


Thanks for your insights!