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E-mail Notification containing multiple child attributes

Question asked by Iona on Apr 29, 2020
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I have a question in regard to a task I would like to achieve and it seems I just can't figure it out


Context: I want to send every day an e-mail to multiple persons containing multiple, different attributes from several equipment. Basically it is an area report with data from different electrical devices.


The problem I have is that I do not know to import attributes from different parts of the database into an e-mail format. 


Actual implementation: 

I have a parent category called "Linii electrice". Then I have multiple categories of the type "Linii Electrice". Every subcategory has multiple child elements that are called like "R000". Every child element "R000" has an attribute called "Stare".

That attribute (Stare) I would like to have it in an e-mail alongside with every "Stare" attribute from the other "R000" 


So the e-mail will look like:

R001: ON

R002: OFF

R003: ON

and so on..


How should I implement this? 

The e-mail is sent every day at a chosen hour. (that i know how to do) I just need to gather all the information in one place in the e-mail format.