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PI Integrator for BA - URL Redirects

Question asked by GuyAcciai on May 1, 2020

Is it possible to do HTTP/URL redirects on Pi4BA - Similiar to an IIS URL rewrite or HTTP redirect - 

Specifically - PI integrator by default, is setup on https://FQDN/ - And it even responds on https://hostname/ -

That said, we get a cert warning that our cert is for the FQDN, and we don't have a DNS SAN for just hostname as part of our externally signed certificate.


We would like to be able to redirect https://hostname -> https://FQDN, and within IIS this is fairly simple to do, with either HTTP redirects, or even the URL re-write module included with PIVIsion. Given that Pi4BA isn't based on IIS, we're unclear on how to configure URL/HTTP redirects in this environment (or not even sure that we can).