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PI Integrator for BA - Text Target to mapped drive with local Creds

Question asked by GuyAcciai on May 1, 2020

Anyone use the PI integrator with a Text file target, writing the output to a mapped or UNC drive?


We assumed this would work (seems like it should), but the remote drive is shared by a host that is not a domain member, so we need to map the drive with   >  net use M:  \\RemoteServer\ShareName password /user:UserName /persist:yes - 


The mapping works just fine, and we can read/write to the remote share via a command line and windows tools - Pi4BA services are running under a domain account, and even after restarting this services, they don't seem to recognize the mapped RemoteServer share, as the verification steps around the text file target fail, trying to write to the remote share.


Seems like this should work, and not be a problematic use case - Any wisdom out there to share? - TIA