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Element instances of a template with different attribute UOMs

Question asked by VanDerWaals on May 5, 2020
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by VanDerWaals

I am interested in the correct way to handle UOMs with element and attribute templates and outputs from analysis.


The issue I have come across is that for a piece of equipment (lets use a pump as a generic example) there are several calculated values that are being written out to Pi Point attributes. For this example lets use the attribute head. In this analysis the head is calculated and looks something like this:


Convert( [specific calculation goes here] ,"m") this is then mapped out to the AF attribute Fluid_Head


This attribute Fluid_Head is part of my Pump template and correctly writes out the value of this to the Pi Point. However, the units of "m" do not show up on this attribute unless they are set in the Default UOM of in the Pump template. The correct numeric value will show up but not the units assigned in the analysis. This is not a big deal as the source UOM can be set in the config string for the Pi Point and that will then show the correct units. 


My issue arises when we need to use this template for a pump in several facilities both using SI and non SI units. Most of the applications for this pump we would like to display and trend in Pi Vision this head in meters but in some of them we want to show it in feet. 


We cannot change the default UOM in the template as this will change the attribute in all of them and the source units are all meters as the calculation was done in meters. It seems that it would be a very poor idea to make two templates with different default UOMs for each attribute as there may be many and this will become a major headache for when we make an improvement and want to rev up the template. 


Is there a standard way to do this that I have just overlooked? 


Thank you all in advance for your help!