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Filtered Average with multiple PI Servers

Question asked by VCampus-METCO on May 6, 2020
Latest reply on May 7, 2020 by Dan Fishman

I have a requirement to get a daily filtered average of a tag which is hosted in one PI Server based on a value from a tag in a different PI System. PI-DataLink and I assume AF does not support muliple servers being used for the source tag and filter. Is there any way that this could be done using Analytics?


My thought was to get interpolated values for the source tag at 1 second intervals, then the same for the filter value and to somehow use the MapData function to use or not use the source value if it meets the filter criteria, then divide by the number of seconds in a day. However I don't think that the MapData function will allow you do do this and I am not aware that there is any way to multiply arrays together.... Or is there?


Has anyone any ideas how this could be achieved other than having to write code, which as a last resort I could do?