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Event frames no longer generating

Question asked by CarlB on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 8, 2020 by CarlB

We’ve ran into an issue with creating event frames in our dev environment. We have AF and the analysis service running on the same server.


One of our data analysts created a number of different event frame analyses and none of them are creating event frames anymore. They suddenly quit generating new event frames sometime on the 21st of April after working correctly for about a month. We’ve verified that there should be event frames generated by right clicking on the analysis and selecting preview results. While troubleshooting, we’ve backfilled those analyses at least once to generate the event frames for others that were using the data to design dashboards and reports. The backfilling worked fine. We've also verified green status in the bottom-right corner indicates that we are “Connected to the PI Analysis Service.”


The separate analyses are using different pi data attributes and in some cases static attributes. They are all Event-Triggered, triggered on Any Input, and the Generation Mode is Explicit Trigger. I’ve included a screen shot of one of them. As you can see, they aren’t complex.


We did have Windows updates applied to the system early on the 21st. And during that time I saw some errors in the AF log about not being able to contact the SQL server, but the cleared up after a few minutes. Other than that, I don’t see anything in the Event Viewer that seems related to this. As far as we can tell, everything looks like it should be working.


Any help in pointing us in the right direction would be fantastic!

Thank you!