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VB Script file to pull in PI values

Question asked by SethCath on May 6, 2020
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I'm a bit new to this and I kind of know what I'm doing with PI Data Link in Excel

In Excel if I want to pull in yesterdays values of a single tag at 15m intervals then I use:


=PISampDat("\\{PI Server}\{tagname},"y","t","15m",1,"")


This give me values at 00:00:00, 00:15:00, 00:30:00, 01:00:00 and so on


I want to replicate the above in a VB Script file and output the tag values to a CSV file


I found some very good sample code here: VBS script to pull data from PI server 

but when i use the line: Set pvs = pt.Data.RecordedValues("*-1d""*"0""1, Nothing) 


I'm not sure what to change the values in brackets to


I tried Set pvs = pt.Data.RecordedValues("y""t"0""1, Nothing)  


which does give me midnight to midnight values for yesterday but the values seem to come out at random intervals ie 


starts at 00:07:59, 00:08:59, 00:17:59, 00:18:59, 00:22:59 etc


I'm looking for it at 15m intervals starting at 00:00:00 to 23:59:45

Can someone explain what the parameters mean and how i can get every 15m


Thanks in advance