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Struggeling with Powershell's Set-AfAttribute

Question asked by UKullmann on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by UKullmann


I am using Set-AFAttribute -AFAttribute xxx -Value yyy to write into AF's Attributes.

So far so good, it works fine if it is a pure AF Attribute.


Now i am trying to write to an AFAttribute which represent a PiPoint. Mainly it works if the Pipoint name is written into the Attribute directly.


In my case the Attribute' Data Reference is a pipoint the setting is an substitution of PIServerlink and Attributename

In AF it works fine and show "\\PISERVER1.DOMAIN\MyTESTtag_UweTag" , but powershell reports an error and shows me that: "\\PISERVER1\\PISERVER1.DOMAIN\MyTESTtag_UweTag"


I have no idea where the first part is coming from and need your help.