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    ProcessBook AF Datasets


      Once more into the fray...


      I have a ProcessBook display using AF datasets; the elements on the display are set to the various attritbutes.


      Using another code sample, I was able to get access to all of the symbols, composite and otherwise on the display.


      Now, I need to determine what the attribute equates to: a value or a PI tag.


      The end result I am working on is a status display where, if the symbol does not have a value, hide it.


      Any help in determining the end value of the dataset is appreciated.



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          If you are using VBA, you'll have to check out the AFWrapper project to see how to use AF inside of PB VBA.  Once you've done that, if you chop the "AF2.", the rest of the tag name is the path of the attribute being displayed.  You can get a copy of this attribute by using AFObject.FindObject.  Then there is an AFAttribute.RawPIPoint property which will tell you if there's an underlying PI point in the attribute.  Alternatively, you can also retrieve the AF Data Reference from the AF attribute and parse that to determine what it points to.

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              I am just wondering here...if you only want to display symbols that retrieve a valid value from an Attribute couldn't you achieve this by calling GetValue(vrDate, vrStatus) on each symbol, those that have a non-zero status (actually a status of 247 I believe) have returned a non-good configuration/value so toggle the visible property.