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    CoreSight Value symbol: UOM + Conversion

      Are you going to support displaying the UOM of a value from an AFAttribute on a value symbol?  I can see it on a Table and Trend Symbol, and on the tooltip of all symbol types.


      Also, will support be given to change the displayed UOM from the Attribute UOM?

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          We are very close to releasing PI Coresight 2012 R2.  Value and Gauge symbols will show UOM in this new release.


          Great suggestion about changing the displayed UOM.  No plans for that at this time, but I will see what I can do.  :-)

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              That is good news Tom.  Sat here patiently waiting for the new release.


              On the displayed UOM topic, I would like to see UOM sets being able to be defined & set session wide or added to the cart.  So rather than 1 symbol being displayed differently from its underlying attribute it would be great to say, for example, all underlying attributes configured for "ft" would be displayed as "m".  You either define your own custom UOM set, or pick from industry standard sets (so long as they exist in the underlying PI System).  What do you think?

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                  I like the concept.  I am not sure about defining a custom UOM in PI Coresight.  That seems like a fairly "heavy" activity to do in the Coresight app.  Picking from a standard or custom UOM list that has been defined in PI System Explored sounds reasonable.  I also like the idea of using the CART as a way to set/manage UOM.


                  What do you think of having a per user setting to show English or Metric units?  So a user in the USA could see all English units and another user (virtually anyplace else in the world!!) could configure their account to see everything in metric units?  Would this be a really quick and easy way to satisfy a significant number of users?  

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                      I think the most flexible way would be to introduce a "System of Units" in AF. It is a common requirements in many industries. System of units would define multiple sets of UoM where each UOM class represented in the System by its member.


                      Examples of such System of Units are English, Metric, SI, Norwegian SI, etc.


                      An ability to define custom systems of units would be a preference over the built-in predefined systems. Many companies prefer altering default systems or using a mixture of them in some cases.

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                          Completely agree with Alex...modification to the UOM database to group units in to a System of Units sounds a good way to crack this nut.  I am just thinking though that if you have multiple AF Servers being pulled in to CoreSight then you can't guarantee the UOM database is consistent across both.  


                          One other thing with CoreSight values; we have no number formatting.  We've talked about it over in the AF SDK forum a lot, but I still miss this in CoreSight.  Again, what if the Cart held number formats (e.g. #,##0.00) that you can drop on to a Symbol on a display; it either becomes attributed to the user where ever that data point is used in a display, or only on that one display, or only on that one instance of the symbol.  The Symbol could be marked with a little icon to denote custom formatting - the tooltip of the icon would indicate if it is system wide formatting, display formatting or symbol instance formatting.