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    Plain Ol' Data - Code Review - Geospatial Application


      Hello everyone,


      I am new to OSI-PI community, so please share any insight, input, or suggestions that you may - it is appreciated.


      I am in the process of completing a new geospatial application and have been asked to integrate with OSI Web Services 2010 R3 to pull sensor values obtained from a machine deployed in 'the field'. The sensors/machines are in the process of being deployed and have yet to be configured in the client's PI system. Soon I will be provided a 6-8 hour window to access the client's QA environment and hope for minimal code change while on site.


      I have installed & deployed the OSI-PI web services for local development. I have also created a number of data points relative to my geospatial data points. I am looking for the best possible method that should be used to obtain a generic set of timed values using the web methods exposed by the OSI-PI wsdl. I've attached screenshots of my method and PI data point configuration. Thanks in advance!









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          Ahmad Fattahi



          To get the archived events in the PI Server, you can use GetPIArchiveData() method as you showed in your code snippet. There are some more methods to obtain summary values, current (snapshot) value, and some other more generic information about tags and their updates that you can see in the screenshot below (taken form the CHM file for PI Web Services found in vCampus Library). You can also refer to the PI Application Development booklet in vCampus Training Center for more examples and explanation. Hope it helps.