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Pi Newbie looking to use Pi for production reporting and root cause analysis. Any help appreciated

Question asked by wwilliam on May 15, 2020

Hello Everyone, I'm very new to Pi and was wondering if somebody could answer some basic questions on the capability of the system. I'm a controls engineer and work for a manufacturing firm, I've been tasked with getting a system in place for displaying real time and historic production data and capturing downtime and cycle time issues for root cause analysis. 


The last firm I worked in had a bespoke system in place for doing such things and worked by essentially creating a standard memory map (Tag map) for each machine then collected key data, such as to Machine state(Running, starved, in fault etc), Product id, fault/ warning codes, cycle times, yield etc. This was reported to a historic and real-time database which had a  front end for displaying the data and running reports.  


Pi Vision looks ideal for the real time display of data. The historic reporting I'm not so sure about. I'd like to have a front end from which you select first a report such as "line production overview" or "top ten fault Pareto" then specific criteria like "Area, Line, machine" and what "time frame" to report. For example, we had a line overview report which would show each machine on one production line as a bar or a bar chart.  Then for the specified time frame it would split the bar display into how long it was "down, running, blocked, producing rejects, bypassed etc" along with some OEE and Over cycle time metrics. 


Am I right in saying I'd have to do the charting in excel using Pi Data link and then make some front end with VBA for selecting "area, timeframe, etc". Or can anybody envision any other way of doing such a thing?


Thanks for taking the time to read this and any comment or input would be greatly appreciated.