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Issues with Value symbol when added programmatically

Question asked by cyberterrorist on May 15, 2020

I created VBA script, which inserts Value symbols to display and sets for them specific number format and UOM display setting (.numberformat, .showuom properties). Finally values are aligned to some rectangle. I see two issues here:

1. Number format and showuom properties aren't applied immediately. After Value is inserted, it has setup of Value symbol, that I previously manualy configured in ProcessBook. However Value objects have correct setup which is shown after first update of values or after manual opening of Value configuration window and confirming OK. Since script needs to calculate position of value symbol based on its width, this late update is issue for me. It seems like I need something to force screen updating like application.screenupdating. Do you have any advice to resolve this issue?

2. Script places Value symbols in rectangles. It always calculates the same position and parameters for both. However when low zoom for screen is used when running script, values are little bit outside of rectangles. I resolved that by zooming in screen during run of script, but I don't understand why this happened. Do you have some explanation for it?