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How to totally purge buffer configuration pour PI ICU

Question asked by MichaelC on May 15, 2020

Hello world.

A small question. I need to make screenshots of PI ICU installation with buffer configuration for a precise "How To" on Windows 10.

However, installation as already been made before on my computer so I lack some step for the buffer configuration. Namely, the "Buffering manager" part with Detected PI Interfaces as seen below.


Do you know how can I purge all buffer configuration so that I can restart from the beginning?

I already tried:

- To uninstall PI Buffer and relaunch the process

- To delete some PiBuffs file in PIPC folder and relaunch the process


To no avail for now. I would prefer to not have to build the computer from scratch again to configure that.


Thank you in advance and have a nice day.