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    PI Buffer Service and PI SDK application


      Hi All,


      I'm little curious about PI Buffer Subsystem. I read PI Buffering User Guide and I have several questions. We have application developed using PI SDK. Our application is able to insert new values for PI Points. I would like to know, if we need to do something extra to support PI Buffer Subsystem? Or is it this supported out of the box? 


      There is very interesting diagram in PI Buffering User Guide. Something like this:


      Data Source ----> Interface node -----> PI Server




      So, for buffering, it is necessary to configure Interface node? For testing purpose, it is possible to have PI Server and PI Buffer Subsytem on the same machine?


      Thank you



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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hello Vlad,


          You should check how your application connects to the PI Server. You shouldn´t use the IPICollective interface but the method Server.Open(). You also need to configure properly the PI Buffer Subsystem as well as PI SDK Buffering (through PI SDK Utility). Remember that PI SDK Buffering is only available from version 1.4 (2010 R2).


          We have a KB Article about the PISDK Buffering with more detailed information about this product.


          If you are using PI SDK 1.4 and PI Buffer Subsystem 3.4.380.79, you will be able to test PI Buffer Subsystem on a PI Server machine. Please, refer to the section "How to Configure PI Buffer Subsystem on a PI Server Machine" on the manual "High Availability Administrator Guide" about how to use the RUNONSERVER parameter properly on the file piclient.ini.


          Please download it from the Download Center as we haven´t finished upgrading our documentation on the vCampus Library.


          Any questions I am available,



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              Hello Marcos,


              First thank you for very good post!


              I checked our application. We are using Server.Open() method for opening connection to PI Server. I went through PI Buffer Subsystem, so I think I should be able to configure it correctly. But now we are using PI SDK in version 1.3.8. So, for PI SDK buffering we need to upgrade PI SDK software. Are there any "known points" regarding to upgrading to higher version of PI SDK?


              So, if I understand well, when we upgrade PI SDK to 1.4 and setup PI Buffer Subsystem and PI SDK Buffering, we would be able to use buffering without any changes in our application. It is right? There is only one condition, using Server.Open method, but we are already using that.


              Thank you,