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AF SDK :FindElementsByTemplate call and element versioning

Question asked by Arti Rajagopalan on May 18, 2020
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   We have a custom code that uses FindElementsByTemplate AF SDK call to retrieve elements by template.  We have around 25 templates with 100's of elements based on each template. The program running the above SDK call runs every 2 minutes and retrieves all elements and the associated attributes and PI tags references. Under normal circumstances the call executes with no errors.


However, when we try to modify a template to add new attribute, this call ( as we suspect) spawns of 100's of checked out version of elements (all of them orphans).Strangely this happens only on production and not test. Custom code is same on test and production. Versioning is not enabled in any environment.


PS: Custom code is designed to cache data and refresh every 10 minutes.


Any pointers as to what could be the issue?