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Time Retrieval Methods for a configured PI Point

Question asked by JKeaw on May 19, 2020
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I have a end user that wants to set an analyzer to read from PSE on the exact date at the end of the day (let's say 11PM or 2300 hours). The value retrieved in SMT and the value in PSE are different. This occurs for several analyzers that are configured. An example tag is configured this using the following string:

\\ servername \ BMT_AF_000_000_00_AQ_COR.M; TimeMethod = ExactTime; CaseMethod = EndTime; UOM = "%"


I recommend for them to use TimeMethod: AtORBefore, but the user claims "AtOrBefore is not very convenient because it may not bring the correct value. They need to be sure that the value brought is that of the timestamp at the end of the day."


Are there any other ideas or suggestions? Input is much appreciated.