Notification to Oracle Database

Discussion created by mikeloria on Nov 14, 2012
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Please chime in with thoughts and advice


I have a requirement to save notification data to an Oracle database. I have decided to do this in a 2 step process:


1) Use a custom XML delivery channel to create an XML file containing notification results and I also need to capture the attribute values of the given element


2) Have a standalone process that monitors for new XML files and processes them by reading the data and storing to a database. This standalone process will also write back to AF so that processbook users will have visualization of the current notification states.


I decided on the 2 step process to keep the capturing of the notification as simple as possible for robustness. If the database is down or there is an issue with processing the data. I will always have the xml file to reprocess. I believe this architecure will make troubleshooting much simpler. Any thoughts or counter approaches to this methodology?


My questions concerns are:


Is it feasible to have the XML delivery channel read all the attributes from the target element (up to 10) and write them to an XML file? Is there any examples on how to loop through the elements of the attributes? I also noticed that for the attributes used in the notification, the entire path is used for the xml tag. I wish to only have the attribute name to keep things generic for processing. I also want to get the attribute values at the exact time that the notification was triggered. There seems to be a lag with notifications where when I force a value in AF to trigger the notification, the notification does not fire for sometimes up to a minute. I am afraid that I would be capturing the wrong values and could report a out of spec value but the value in the notification was in spec. I am using periodic every 5 seconds in notifications.


Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas and examples for this project I am working on.