Slow PISDK.PISDK creation

Discussion created by VCampus-METCO on Nov 16, 2012
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I migrated an application from PI-API / VB6 / NTSCV Windows service on windows 2003 32bit. to .NET PI-SDK based windows service solution on Windows 2008 R2 64bit. The application installs and runs perfectly on my machine (windows 7 32 bit). However when I deploy to the target machine I am finding that when the PISDK.PISDK class is instantiated, it takes 1 minute to do this. The service thinks that the startup has failed so kills the exe.


Does anyone have any ideas what can be causing this? I reproduced the same problem just using a windows form based aplication where I define a variable as PISDK.PSDK, e.g.


private _pSDK as PISDK.PISDK


It is very suspicious that it takes exactly 1 minute for the object to be created when I am not even asking it to connect to any servers. At that point I can then connect to the default server and do normal things with PISDK.


I tried changing the SDK parameters to 30 seconds but this had no effect so something else is causing the problem. Could it be something to do with reverse name lookups. I only have a single server defined in the PISDK known servers table and I can connect using PI-SDK / PISMT almost immediately rather than waiting for 1 minute. I am using the latest PI-SDK version.


Any help would be appreciated.