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Question asked by Porohn on May 21, 2020




 Tagavg('タグ名A', '*-1h', '*' )>1



 Tagavg('タグ名A', '*-1h', '*' )<1



 TagAvg('タグ名B', トリガー開始時刻-1h, トリガー開始時刻) ⇒ 開始時平均値

 TagAvg('タグ名B', トリガー終了時刻-1h, トリガー終了時刻) ⇒ 終了時平均値




I would like to create an event trigger and output the tag average value of 1h before and after the start time and end time in the output. (Refer to the description example below)


How should I describe it? Thank you for your guidance.  

[Start trigger] Tagavg ('Tag name A', '* -1h', '*')> 1  


[End Trigger] Tagavg ('tag name A', '* -1h', '*') <1  


[Approximate output data]

TagAvg ('tag name B', trigger start time -1h, trigger start time) ⇒ average start time

TagAvg ('Tag name B', trigger end time-1h, trigger end time) ⇒ average value at end