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PI Connector for OPC UA doesn't browse the complete OPC UA address space

Question asked by Sumra on May 24, 2020
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by Sumra

Hi Team, I am experiencing issues where PI Connector for OPC UA doesn't browse and export all type definitions from the OPC UA Server. No NodeIds has been returned for OPC UA variables (Items). It just return the NodeIds for Nodes having HasType definitions as: FolderType, MachineType etc. I even tried with a subset of Node by applying the Root NodeIDs filter in the Connector DataSource configuration, but it still cannot provide the NodeIds for all Nodes (specifically for OPC UA Variables). I need to update pre-existing 4000 PI Tags so that they can receive data from OPC UA Server through PI Connector (In Tags-Only mode) so I genuinely need the NodeIds for all these PI Tags. I have attached the CSV files (both for complete OPC UA address space and for a subset of OPC UA Address space) which is exported from the OPC UA Demo Server by PI Connector. As you can see there are many NodeIds missing. Appreciate any help in resolving it.