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Reformatting on Launching Cloud Environment, Can't Scroll to my third VM

Question asked by ConnorLawrence on May 22, 2020
Latest reply on May 22, 2020 by totsengue

Today I noticed a newly added message at the top of the screen in the "Launch Cloud Environment" window stating "ATTENTION: Virtual environments are switched off every evening at 7pm at the time zone of your choosing to conserve energy and resources. If you wish to resume work on this course after that time you must return to this page and click "Start All"."


Seemingly due to the addition of this text on the user interface, I can not scroll down enough to access my 3rd VM, I also notice the scroll bar along the side seems to indicate there is more to the interface than I can see (the bottom adjustment arrow is cut off, the bar can scroll a fair bit off the screen.)


Please let me know if there is an easy fix to this, hard to practice and go through the modules if I can't access the PISRV1 VM