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PI Web API Event Frame search

Question asked by heinzea on May 27, 2020


I try to search for event frames. My request: https://piaf/piwebapi/eventframes/search?DatabaseWebId={webid}&query=template:=template1&searchmode:=StartInclusive&starttime:=01.01.2020&endtime:=05.28.2020.


The query works if I only search for the template like:


If I enter another condition after the submission, it does not work. The same applies to



Our customer has thousands of event frames, I cannot use the request

https://piaf/piwebapi/assetdatabases/{webid}/eventframes?templateName=template1&searchmode=StartInclusive&starttime=11.27.2019&endtime=05.28.2020. It is working but this query takes far too long.


Has anyone an idea how can combine template, starttime and endtime with PI Web API.