Retrieving changed values from AF elements - OLEDB Enterprise

Discussion created by aommeren on Nov 19, 2012
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Hi there,


I designed an AF template and a bunch of derived elements.
A few attributes are PI Point references, some are AF Formulas.


I want to use PI OLEdb Enterprise to make a "deviation" report. For a few attributes I want to enter two reference times (like today and yesterday) and retrieve the elements and data that have changed - comparing time1 to time2:

  • an attribute that has changed state (ON to OFF, or OFF to ON)
  • a few attributes are analog values and I want to see the elements (and difference data) that have changed for more than a certain (parameter) number, so I like to see whether the increase or decrease (abs) is over 10 - these attributes hold a counter value

Help from a PI OLEDB expert is appreciated, I would like to know what the best approach is in querying AF to get the desired results, or at least work in the right direction. In the end I would like to produce an SSRS report where the user can enter the parameters and run the deviation report.